Happy Campers

Our Green Manifesto

We only have one planet. We need to look after it. By booking a Happy Campers van, you’re already doing your bit by choosing not to fly, but we can’t ignore the fact that all transport has at least some ecological impact. That’s why at Happy Campers we’re committed to running the business in as ‘green’ a manner as we possibly can.

For that reason, we’ve put together a nine point Green Manifesto that informs every decision we make. By doing our bit for the planet, we’re helping you do yours, too.

Branch, with acorns and leaves

  1. For every rental you book, we’ll make a donation to cover the cost of planting a new tree to help offset the carbon cost of driving a vehicle. We’ll make our donations every six months.
  2. As far as possible we will be a paper-free organisation. All booking confirmations will be sent by PDF unless you specifically request a paper version.
  3. We will use ecologically friendly cleaning products when getting your van ready for the road.
  4. We will favour suppliers who minimise packaging or, where this can’t be avoided, those whose packaging is fully recyclable.
  5. We will reduce waste wherever possible, and re-use resources that still have life in them. When they can’t be used any longer, they’ll be disposed of in a responsible manner, and recycled if possible.
  6. Whenever we can favour local suppliers over a national brand, outlet or service, we’ll do just that. Not only does it help to sustain a healthy and vibrant economy outside of the mass market, but it also means that our resources don’t have to put in so many miles as they move from the supplier to our place of business.
  7. We shall favour Fair Trade and ethical products when buying supplies for our premises and vans.
  8. We’d love for you to start your green holiday with a green journey, so will be happy to plan a route via public transport from your home to the closest bus stop or train station to our rental location. We’ll even collect you from the train or bus so you don’t need to struggle with luggage.
  9. We are committed to improving our ecological performance and awareness wherever possible, and gladly welcome any tips, suggestions or recommendations for how we can do even better.