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Meet Floyd

Flexible Floyd is the ultimate vintage camping machine. He’s a 1973 Westfalia Continental Bay Window model in smooth pinky beige. His sober appearance hides a fully charged interior that’s great for longer trips.


For starters, his cool retro interior has bags of storage — far more than some of his contemporaries — with room for hanging clothes behind the driver, and a useful overhead storage locker above the lower bed.

You’ll never get a kingsize bed in a camper, but Floyd does his best, with a generous downstairs sleeping arrangement that gives more than enough space for a couple of average adults, and a further double bed up the pop-up top. This would be perfect for a single adult, or two kids.

The sides of the pop top have zip out panels, which allow for ventilation on hot nights. Each panel has a fly screen to help keep out midges and other biting insects.

Floyd's interior

He’s got seating for five — with seatbelts fitted — and you can easily fix a standard child seat to the front passenger seat if traveling with infants.

During the day, the lower bed folds back into a seat, and there’s a further seat to the side, while the upper bed can be secured within the pop top, giving you plenty of space to stand up inside the van. This is particularly convenient if you plan on using the built in kitchen.

Floyd has a fold-down double ring gas hob, which is very efficient at boiling the supplied kettle, so you won’t have to wait long for a brew if you’ve just come in from a hike. There’s a sink for washing dishes and brushing your teeth (although you should use bottled water for your teeth).

There’s even a chiller cupboard. This works just like a cool box: pop in an ice pack and its insulated sides will keep milk and other consumables cool as you travel. Many camp sites will have freezers, allowing you to refreeze the ice packs. Bear in mind that although very efficient, no cool box can ever be a direct replacement for a regular fridge or freezer.

Floyd's kitchen

All cooking is gas-based, with two gas bottles secured beneath the fold-out hob. This should be enough to see you through a regular rental, but in the unlikely event that they run dry, source a replacement from your site shop, keep the receipt, and we’ll reimburse you.

Floyd has an electrical hookup point, through which you can connect him to your chosen site’s power supply. That lets you use the four three-pin plug sockets to charge gadgets like phones and tablets, or power regular electronic devices like a radio or laptop.

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Internally, he’s got a built-in radio with CD slot, and an auxiliary jack through which you can connect phones and media players for playback through his internal speakers, which are mounted in the main body of the van, below the back seat.

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