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New seats for Delia

Delia's seats in Elsie

We took out Delia‘s front seats today – just the front ones – so we can take them to be re-upholstered tomorrow. They’re sitting in the back of Elsie right now, waiting for transport to the garage tomorrow.

Original seats like the half-height ones she has are getting rarer all the time and new ones can attract a significant premium. A lot of people swap them out for the kind of high-backed seats we have in Elsie, but we want to keep both Delia and Floyd looking as true to their original design as we can, hence the revamp rather than a set of replacements. They’re still comfortable, but we want her to look her best for the start of the rental season next month. We also want her to be a smooth, soft ride for whoever takes her out, so as well as new upholstery we’ll be gifting them with new filling, too.

The question was, how did we get them out. We’d been expecting it to be a bit of a wrestle, but the the end, we’d removed each one in less than 10 seconds.

So how?

For the drivers seat, it’s a simple matter of pulling up the lever beneath the seat that’s more often used to reposition it, then sliding the whole seat (bottom and back) forwards until it runs completely off the rails. Obviously you can’t be sitting on it as you do this or you’ll crush yourself between the seat back and the steering wheel.

It’s slightly different for the passenger seat. That doesn’t have a lever for rolling the seat forwards and backwards, so you simply lift up the bottom part of the seat and allow the back to slide down from the rigid fixing behind it. Once freed from the bracket, it can be lifted straight out.

We can’t wait to get them back from the re-upholsterers. The bench seat on the rock and roll bed at the back looks great, so a matching set of black vinyl covers in the front will really finish her off.

In the meantime, the driving cab, sans seating, is rather roomer than normal.

Delia with no front seats

Posted by Nik on February 1, 2015