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New Year Cheats

Cheating radiator

There’s surely no better way to see in the new year than to spend it in the back of a camper!

That’s what I did, throwing a few clothes in a bag and heading off for Dunwich on the Suffolk coast. Not a conventional manner in which to mark the passing of one year into the next, granted, but hard to beat nonetheless.

We took Elsie, for comfort more than anything else, as I wanted to just pull straight up and be done, without any fuss of popping the top. Plus, she’s got by far the best cooking arrangements, with a grill and oven to back up the hob and — crucial for the new year festivities — a fridge for the Buck’s Fizz, which we picked up in Ipswich on the way through.

We’d settled on Dunwich for two reasons: it’s not too far from home (we were only going for one night, after all) and it’s a pretty special place, out on the coast and surrounded by protected heathland.

What we didn’t know, and this was a bonus, was that the site we’d chosen — Cliff House Holiday Park — was putting on a generous buffet to celebrate the new year. So, we paid £14.50 for the pitch, and got not only somewhere to stay and some excellent showers, but two free meals in the bar, too. Comfy though it was, it wasn’t enough to keep us out of Elsie, and we were back in the van by eleven, listening to the radio and supping our Buck’s Fizz as we waited for 2015.

And this, I’m ashamed to admit, is where we cheated. Not only did we wrap up in blankets, but we’d also brought along an oil-filled radiator that we ran off the electric hook-up and which kept us as snug as the bug in its proverbial rug.

Well, it was a cold night…

We both got a great night’s sleep, bedding down not long after midnight and knowing nothing at all until almost nine the next morning. Best yet, we woke with clear heads, ready to explore.

Spending the night in a camper really is one of the best ways to see in the new year. Pick your site with care and you’ll not only enjoy the event itself: you’ll also be perfectly positioned to start the year off with a day of seeing and doing new things.

Posted by Nik on January 1, 2015