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Chilly days in Danbury

Delia in Danbury

Ugh. The nights are drawing in and the days are getting cold. In years gone by it’s been very tempting to sit indoors with the heating on, but having a Camper on the drive means we’ve spent far more afternoons outdoors in spite of the season.

There’s something quite magical about heading out on a chilly day, driving into the woods and parking up with a brew on the go. The gas hob is surprisingly effective at heating up the van, so the three of us who took Delia off to Danbury Country Park this afternoon were snug as the proverbial bugs in rugs (or, more accurately, on rugs, as we dug out the fleece and threw it across the back seat) as we waited for our coffee to boil.

I know I’m biased, but she looked great sitting there among the trees, and she got a lot of admiring glances from the passing walkers — particularly from the kids.

We didn’t actually walk, which some might say means we missed the point, but I don’t think we did. We had a wonderful picnic sitting at the table in the back of the van. We were protected from the elements and bookended our trip out with a lovely drive through the countryside.

Can’t get better.

Rich in Delia in Danbury Country Park

Posted by Nik on November 29, 2014